Help with FPS n Smoothness

Got the best performer PC around? post your config here.

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Help with FPS n Smoothness

Post by sonicboom2885 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:48 am

Ok, i looked over most the topics and stuff. But i cant seem to find anything on this... I got FSX and a new machine, but when i was running everything max i got for fps was 6-10. This shouldnt be the case since my machine is like top notch. So i need someone who knows how to tweak settings to see if they can make this less painstaking for me. Ok, now we will get down the details but before that, let me jus say i can choose the options through my nvidia driver directly for the game, or allow the option of having the game chose the best settings. I can then also change everything in the game to make it better.
Now, system specs.

Pentium Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0 GHz.
4GB OCz pc6400 RAM DDR2 - set in dual channel
2 x 512 MB PNY Nvidia Geforce 9600GT set in SLI config.
I have Windows Vista and DX10.

Let me kno if i am doing anything wrong.
Now mind you what i am going for here is the best graphics for Aircraft and parts / model and then the best i can get for scenery. water....meh, we can do something about that later.

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well for one thing...

Post by groundsquirrel » Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:16 am

Well, for one thing, MS has designed FSX to be so advanced that it will take a couple of years for PC power to catch up to it's abilities so dont feel too bad about your framerates with max settings. Try turning the AI down or off and the system preferences as controlled by FSX are supposed to be pretty good. I mean hey, if my old P4-3ghz can get 3-7fps with high settings and 12-20 with low to medium settings then you cant be far off from a good experience.
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SurClaro senior forum member
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Post by sonicboom2885 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:34 pm

hey GS, yea i was aiming for anywhere from 20-35 tops. i kno i should be able to get it up there, i was jus wondering what settings i would have to put up for it to get there yet get the best performance. hmmmm

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Post by skipperdan » Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:11 pm

Try lowering the following:

Special Effects

Play with the above to see which ones give you the most improvement. Sometimes you can sacrifice one for the other. 8) 8)

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Post by sonicboom2885 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:39 pm

man i have missed the atmosphere here.... i kinda took off for a bit after steve passed. missed everyone like RD, GS, Mel n u Skip. hope you all doing well. I kno this is a bit off topic but Mel had asked me to keep in touch with my heart problems. i will post up globally. in the summer, bout 2 months back i had my heart surgery. everything went really well, they put in a metal device to close the hole i had. =) now i am jus on medications for the next 4 more months and i am free right now to play all the sports i want again =)
Ok, so now back on topic. If anyone else comes across this, i hope this helps. A friend of mine helped me with a mock up on what to use. His tutorial did me wonders. So if anyone has specs near mine, or even then, jus one GPU, its fine so long as you kno what you are doing. So with out further a-do, i will post that up for others who might have some difficulty.

------By Jonny-------------
here is a quick go, any questions after give me a PM and il help you as much as i can

are you runnign the Acceleration Expansion pack? if no have you installed the Service Packs for FSX?

if no here are some links



INSTALL both of these, SP2 adds DX10 support, but for now dont touch that

Ok go setting, then click customise.

It is best to lock your FPS between 22 and 30 no higher is really needed, i suggest 24FPS

you should run the game at your monitors native resolution, this will help with AA and AF as these work best at full screen resolution. MAKE sure your resultion has x32 at the end of it!

set your filtering to Anisotropic and place a check in the Anti-Aliaising box

Global texture resolution: set to very high

leave lensflare and light bloom unticked

place a tick in advanced animations

not much to do here, just set it to ultra high and move on

ok this is where FSX becomes CPU intensive, all thsoe objects that have to be rendered (tree's and buildings)

Level of Detail Radious: set this to Large for now (can move this down later if we get a dip in performance)

Mesh Complexity: set this to 100 (can move this down later if we get a dip in performance)

Mesh Resolution: set this to 76m (some parts of the mesh are at a higher resolution but most of it is around 76m mark i do believe)

Texture Resolution: set this to 1m

Water Effects: set this to Max 2x (all reflections, looks the best)

Scenery Complexity: Dense
Autogen Density: Dense

Ground Scenery Shadows: leave this unticked

Special Effects Detail: High

this is the main bit that affects your performance, use what i have posted and then paly around until you find a balance right for you.


this is a weird one, i have mine set to medium high but set this to your preferance really.


depening on what you fly depends how you want this set

having alot of AI about can give drop in FPS so be careful with this one, you dont want your FPS to drop to 10 when coming into a big airport because all the AI has just loaded.

for GA (General Aviation) use the following
Airline Traffic: 0%
General Aviation Traffic: 15%
Airport Vehicle Density: 0%

For flying Passenger jets and heavies

Airline Traffic: 30%
General Aviation Traffic: 15%
Airport Vehicle Density: 15%

jsut a rough guideline

Road Traffic: 0% (unnecessary)
Ships and Ferries: 15% - 50% (if you are looking for aircraft carriers set to 100%)
Leisure boats: 15%

ok thats everything, use this as a rough guide to start form then start tweaking stuff gradualy see what gives you the best results.

if you run the water settings at Max 2x then the following program is a must have (FSWC) allows you to change the water properties and can make the water much more realistic and is well worth downloading.

ok i hope has helped you mate, any more questions give me a msg


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Post by FlightSimmer08 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:26 am

I still use FS2004 on an outdated compy, that's in need of upgrade (or new compy). My best advice is to make a trade off. I don't even use autogen, because it goes almost unnoticed while you're flying. Autogen is a big time frame rate killer, along with clouds.

My system can sustain 26FPS as long as I keep autogen off. I use normal scenery density, maximum terrain detail, maximum texture size, and anti-aliasing with no problems.

I like the simulation to be smooth, even if it means sacrificing quality until I can get some better stuff.

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