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Post by Exxman » Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:18 pm

Welcome to Surclaro. So that we may assist you as best as we can, we ask that you follow a few simple rules prior to posting on the site:

1. Try to post as much information as you can when asking for help on product or hardware issues. Simply saying " my planes don't work " will only lead to a multi-post thread where it takes the better part of the day in getting that information from you. The response to your question will be almost immediate if you provide all of the information required from the beginning.
So if you have an addon problem, post a link to it or the website of the product along with your basic system specs. Generally the following helps a lot:

CPU - AMD Athlon 2600+ or Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Operating System - Xp, ME, Windows 2000 etc.
Amount of RAM
Type of graphics card
Size and available space on hard drive
Version of FS and addons installed
Link to file in question (website where you got it from) and the filename (
You'd be surprised how quick an answer you can get just by providing such basic info. You can get
Everest Home Edition (free) and use it to obtain system info to post up here if you wish.

2. Post in the appropriate forum. Putting a question regarding hardware problems in the Pilot's Lounge will only get your post either ignored or deleted. You'll get a much faster response by posting in the proper sub-forum.

3. If your question is similar to one already asked, then post to the ongoing thread. If it's new or irrelevant...start a new thread. Hijacking a thread will only lead to your post being deleted.

4. SEARCH. It's much faster than waiting around for an answer. We have a lot of topics on our site, and most questions have been answered. A search will get you on your way much faster than posting the question again. Don't forget, we offer a free service. Other than Admin, the forum is manned by a few Moderators at specific intervals of the day. We provide a free service, as is, with no warranty or guarantee of success. We can only do the best with what we have. Most posts are answered within a 4 hour period, but if your problem is takes longer.

5. Be polite by using proper Netiquette. No CAPS, abusive language, or put downs please.

6. Post your problems/questions in the forum so it can help others as well. PM Mods/Members only in emergencies, or if you require assistance with topics outside of the forum content. We are open to suggestions and critique here so feel free to let us know if you find problems or errors on the site.

7. We do offer some tutorials for FS basics. Find them at

8. Follow the rules of the site. They are strictly enforced. If you are underage, don't try to circumvent the policies that you read when signing up. By signing up you agreed to certain information being provided to Surclaro for identification purposes. We use this to verify age and location stats. You will get caught if you are trying to slip past and it's not worth losing your internet service over such matters.

9. Most important, help out others if you can. We all learn from others and if you look around the forum, you'll find a great community that helps out when they can. Knowledge is the key to overcoming ignorance.

Thanks, and enjoy the site!


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