The New ATA Virtual

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The New ATA Virtual

Post by atavp » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:54 pm

Hello fellow flight simmers,

As Vice President of Operations at ATA-Virtual I am pleased to announce the re-opening of ATA Virtual. ATA Virtual is under new management and new domain name.

ATA Virtual is seeking pilots and Staff Members to fill our Roster (see our Career Link in our Navigation menu).

ATA Virtual's site is up and going with a growing fleet and Retro routes that the once great ATA flew. Plus a couple other goodies.

There was once a VA named ATA Virtual, for which I flew, and was with it until the sad day they closed their hanger doors for the final time. Therefore we have decided to open up ATA Virtual under a new domain name.

ATA Virtual is now officially opened as of this post.

ATA Virtual will carry over your flight hours in full from your current or past VA experiences with a verified link for proof.

ATA Virtual is using the latest phpVMS and is modded pretty heavy with many great features offered from the phpVMS site. ATA Virtual has its own Team Speak 3 server as well as a dedicated server to fly on.

You can visit the new ATA Virtual site located here

We look forward to seeing your application and hope to see you in the friendly skies.

Thank you,

Greg Bullias

Vice President of Operations

ATA Virtual

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