Detroit Virtual ATC Reopens with a brand new system!!

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Detroit Virtual ATC Reopens with a brand new system!!

Post by Jhawk381 » Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:20 am

---------------------***UPDATED SEE BELOW ORIGINAL***-----------------

I am the Founder of a new ATC Server for Flight Simulator X which is different then most servers out there. Detroit Virtual Air Traffic Control is a place for members of the Flight Sim community to gather together and have a fun yet professional controlled environment to fly or conduct ATC sessions in. The beautiful part is that you only have to do 3 things in order to become a part of Detroit Virtual ATC.

1) Visit the website and read all the rules and remember the session password here ----->> Detroit Virtual ATC

2) Register on the forums as either ATC or as a Pilot.

3) Join the session via your FSX gamespy interface!!!


I know as an experienced flight simmer that it can get time consuming and annoying to have to download tons of software and deal with connection issues as well as operating the software just to be able to fly. If you are just starting off or are a seasoned veteran at flight sim you will enjoy our server and session because we welcome everyone as long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn! We are trying to recruit as many pilots and ATC's as possible so that we can open control towers all over the world and have enough pilots to service everyone, therefore making a truly enjoyable experience!! The only thing that we ask is that you are beyond the point of wanting to fly over the airports crashing into buildings and other planes and that you are ready to take your Flight Sim experience to the next level.

Come check us out, join the forums and MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!



Detroit Virtual ATC has reopened it's doors after 2 years of a great community we have worked on a full year of development in the background to provide an even better environment for our pilots and ATC's. The new systems revolutionize the way a member sees the flight sim environment. With an integrated Banking system which allows you to compete with members on hours/pay and earn rewards based off of various activities and attitude in the server which directly effect your pay as both a pilot or ATC we have reopened to show the community that we are trying to work for them! In a relaxed family atmosphere there is no limit with the experience you gain with being with us and we hope to see many active friendly faces in the near future!

Visit us at and experience The Next Generation In Flight Simulation!

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