How I test, Specs, legal stuff

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How I test, Specs, legal stuff

Post by Rhythmosaur » Tue Mar 23, 2004 1:22 am

1. About
I plan to post detailed evaluations about freeware aircraft I loaded from this site. This is my way to pay freeware and to say thank you for those who did the work. It should be a usefull help for those who plan to enlarge their hangar, and those who make aircraft, more than some comments or ratings. People are fast with a 10 as with a bad mark and don't use to come up with the details.
5 means average, 7 means fine, 9 means very good job, 10 is absolutely extraordinary when you see The Rhythmosaur has given it (ME, if you failed to realize.... :) )

In addition, I will rate the thing where others do and refere in "Comments" to this thread.

Others are welcome to put their test reports here, too (but PLEASE: Detailed like mine!), and also comments and corrections.

I am no god nor a programmer nor a pilot. I could not finish my PPL-C (Glider plane) thanks to the german army (Bundeswehr) and now because of chronically empty pockets. Sniff.. What quality my evaluations have and how much you can trust them is for you to decide.
But perhaps I succeed in setting a new standard: "This aircraft model is Rhythmosaur- tested and approved!", "By appointment of the Rhythmosaur", haaa,ha! LOL!

My FS2002 Hangar contained about 150 pieces of all shapes and sizes till I just switched to FS2004, each with a log, a home and a mission (Yes, you can save your flights!). My overall log shows currently about 900 hours in total. I was unemloyed for a long time...

2. System Specs:
A 1200 Athlon, WinME, GeForce NVidia 3D-Card 64MB with ExperTool, and MSSidewinder Pro.
Another one with the same Specs, but Nvidia 3D 32MB without ExperTool
and with Internet Access.
Current frame rate with the better set: 11-16, most time 16 rather stabile.

The SysSpecs is NO advertisement, just for you to set my evaluations in the right light.

However, all Screenshots are made with all slidebars to the outer right corner.

4. Legal Stuff
I AM TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. That means: freeeee.
You follow my hints and links AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for any damage to anything or anyone.


5. About testing and rating

I perform this test with a completely fueled aircraft rspecting the MTOW at International Standard Athmosphere conditions and no winds. This is to keep the data comparabel. However, data on this are only published if thew gauges of the respective aircraft allowed investigations on fuel consumption and/or ground speed.

Some programmers move devil and hell to accurately simulate some bad or strange behaviour of the real thing and get a bad mark because people think it's a mistake. Because I cannot tell wether the real thing handles good, I cannot include this into the rating. Meanwhile, I comment it. This should help you to deceide if it is the plane for you, left to your preverences.

The Rythmosaur

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