Test Flight Reports: Aerospatiale Alouette2 "Fixed wing

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Test Flight Reports: Aerospatiale Alouette2 "Fixed wing

Post by Rhythmosaur » Fri Jan 30, 2004 1:08 pm

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FS2002 Aerospatiale Alouette2
Reg.: I-ADUE

Originally Designed By Mr. Wolfgang Kulhanek.

Categories: Slow Funplane, small Helicopter, upper midclass graphics, nonrealistic fixed wing behavior , low CPU-requirements.

Read first entry to look up details about my way of evaluation, if you're new here. Note the DISCLAIMER .

ISA-Test : Omitted

Upper midclass graphics. Has a slide as well as 2 wheels to make taxiing possible. A very nice feature are the moving motor parts - there's no cowling so you can see the engine working. Powerful but yet not overdone lighting, landing lights are missing.
Rating: 7

Simple graphics interiour. "Froozen" Vcock Panel. A German committed officer sits in left hand seat of this civil aircraft (Oberfeldwebel. Is that Sergeant Major?)
Rating: 5

Panel/Sound: Aliased default.

Fixed winger's flight dynamics! Use the throttle as you use to do with a fixed wing aircraft, especialy when you start to taxi (I almost crashed into the gate when I smoothly increased throttle as I used to do).
Therefore, no hovering. The aircraft will "stall" at appr. 25kt, and will pull slightly to the left in calm conditions. Even the AP is working as usual if activated by shortcuts!

About 101kt at 9000ft. If you go by full throttle in this heigth, fuel will be empty after exactely 75min(!), whereas the real thing endures about 3 hours.

Overall Rating: 7
Siutable for all those who want to have the benefits of a slow heli without getting blistered joystick fingers.

Comment: Why did I rate this?
Okay, this aircraft has not the best graphics you have ever seen, the modell itself is not a beautiful one and to make it a fixed wing is simply not realistic.
Some people are fed up with helis because they cannot handle them. But flying a slow heli means having a great visibility and this is ideal to enjoy or explore sceneries. You sit there grippin your joystick tight and have the strong desire for an autopilot or just for an elevator trim rudder. You cannot dare to switch perspectives for long because the heli gets instabile when you look at it from outside.

This heli stops it. The author even managed to get the stall speed down to about 25kt. Enjoy your flight, turn the AP on if you want to relax and watch something. It even is able to ILS AP approaches and landings.

The model it self has a strong deja vue effect, because you often see it in older movies: As police heli, for med evac or to spray crops, and you always note the naked and pragmatic design: No cowling, just a bar frame where thew engine and rotor is attached. This is ugly but saves weight and therefor fuel.

It is a real alternative and so I would recommend to test it at least.

The Rhythmosaur

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