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News flash

Post by Rhythmosaur » Fri Mar 19, 2004 8:52 am

You want an excellent motorglider? With a real panel, excellent Vcock and the real sounds?

Check these links:

FS02 ... t&lid=9756

FS04 ... t&lid=9894
(German/American) ... t_*beep*.zip

This is the Diamond Katana design by Pavel Toman, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May of premier aircraft design.

The FS04 file is brand new. I highly recommend it! You can trust me on this for I already flew (as a passenger) with it in real life and are quite impressed about the realism!

I cannot promise, but if time allows it, I will make a review on it.

The Rhythmosaur

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SurClaro senior forum member
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Just coming up...

Post by Rhythmosaur » Sat Jul 24, 2004 1:19 pm

I just send another review out coming out the next days:

The Hawker Tempest. Look forward to pictures of an outstanding paintjob rocking the details!

The Rhythmosaur

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Post by gbesoain » Sat Jul 31, 2004 3:51 am

The review has been published, you can find it at: ... 04_review/

By the way, great review Rithmo :lol: and really great aircraft also :!:
Review preview
I love the exhaust blue flames, nice shot!

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To The Flight Sim Community and All at HoverControl, Members

Post by spider336699 » Sun Jan 22, 2006 9:47 pm

To The Flight Sim Community and All at HoverControl, Members, and Non- Members-

Proper Credits for flight sim helicopter model repaints have not been given.

Lightingbolt’s message:

Well, to the ones that are repainting the S76C by K. Furuya. Good job! 1) Where is the credit given to the person that put the cd player, panel, garmin 530, 430, 330 gauges, sound, heat blur effect , blue luminous *beep* pit, strobe lights, navigation lights, and general light work into the reworked S76C model; and 2) where is the credit listed for the S76C? I.E. flight dynamics, light work, etc. I reworked the flight dynamics on a model that couldn’t even get off the ground at full throttle! 3) The sound flies were also reworked by me!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE !!!!!- Lightingbolt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proper Credits for flight sim model repaints have not been provided for on these repaints listed in HoverControl’s download section. All of the work that has been done on these models have been exterior only!!!!! Flight dynamics, lights (nav and strobes), reworked cockpit, sound, gauge work, and the heat blur effect were all reworked by lightingbolt (HoverControl member)!

These models are;






The ‘readmes’ from the models above are not correct, nor accurate.

Here are the readmes from Lightingbolt for the S76C:

This is a fictional paint job of the Sikorsky S76C.
This is some of my first repaint,so bare with me if there are any
mistakes.I hope to do many more.


This model came from simviation. I strongly suggest that you download the
original model so that you can appreciate what i have done to make it better
for every one to enjoy. Here is the link to get it from


Model--- This model was built with Gmax. Visual Model by K.Furuya "Original MODEL"
Garmin GNS530 and GNS430 GPS....don kuhn (dek)
AM/FM Radio CD Player MP3/WMA/WAV/MID....By R.L. Clark
heatblur effects........Marco Goebel
"*beep*" Good friend...Spider


None of these files will damage your computer.


Lightingbolt and Spider were the 1st HoverControl members to acquire the original model of the S76C from Simvation back in November. This model was not flyable in it’s original state and that is why the flight dynamics were reworked. It took 16 days to make the model flyable and attempts were made to contact Mr. Furuya with no response. If persons reading this do not think this statement is true as to whether the model in it’s original state was flyable here is the link for the original download at simvation-

Here is the readme in HoverControls download ‘repaint section’:

This is a fictional pantjob of the S76C.The original model was created by K.Furuya and can be found at I strongly suggest that you download it and fly it so that you can appreciate what work that i have done so that everyone can fly it and enjoy the model.This model has 2 textures,cd player, garmin gauges,heatblur,and much more. All textures are done in DXT3 format. Ready to fly. Enjoy!
Uploaded By lightingbolt
Zip File
Hits: 572
Rating: 6.60
Size: 18.54 Mb
Added: 12/30/2005

Proper Credits for flight sim model repaints have not been provided for this repaint as well.


Again we have a problem here. The original 407 although well done with sound still had a problem flying in a straight line. The flight dynamics were completely re-done along with the interior and cockpit by lightingbolt.

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Post by groundsquirrel » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:08 am

Ahem, before making such declarations on somebody else's website, wouldnt it have been prudent to contact them about it first? And hijacking a thread is definitely not speaking highly either. You should have made a seperate thread and title just for this subject. I will leave it up to you to correct your own stuff as you seem to be a mature individual. However, all this talk of legalities in light of your own actions has me in a bit of befuddlement.
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