Ultimate traffic Vs Project AI

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Ultimate traffic Vs Project AI

Post by martinmax69 » Thu May 11, 2006 12:00 am

Well...Ive searched the forums and no luck.What I'd like to know is ..Is Ultimate traffic worth it or not. I have a lot of PAI airlines and am happy with them however there arn't a lot availible for say Africa or the Pacific Islands which is an area I like to fly.It seems Ultimate Traffic 'uses' PAI planes..is this correct?As I've already said..I have most of PAI's airlines and was just wondering whether I should download UT in the hope that the 'Pacific Ocean' becomes 'alive'. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I would recommend..

Post by groundsquirrel » Thu May 11, 2006 1:15 am

As you dive into the world of AI traffic, you should at least make a cursory study of AFCAD and Ttools. Thereby, you will understand what these AI Traffic programs are up to with respect to your FS installation. I have run with default AI and a commercial traffic application turned on at the same time and it quite crowded.....a little too crowded, in fact. Now I am a wiser user of my hardrive space and pretty much stick to traffic in the areas I fly. If there is little to no traffic files available for the area you like to fly in, it really isnt all that difficult to generate your own AI traffic. Judicious use of certain aircraft models and a few paint jobs later, with a quick jaunt in Ttools land will have your skies custom filled in a most satisfying manner. With a little effort you may have something distributable.....
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Post by pingponggame » Fri May 12, 2006 9:10 pm

Please, save yourself the framerates and DONT get ultimate traffic, mytraffic, etc... The models look like *beep*, the paint jobs look like they were done by 5 year olds, and they perform crappy. Don't listen to the reviews, trust me, they just want you to think its good.

There are better freeware files out there than these stupid payware products that sell you crap. Dont get suckered in. Since you are a beginner, you do have to start somewhere. I guess go to PAI to get going, but i would suggest switching PAI models to aardvark, evolve, fernando martinez, fs painter models. They are much nicer on just about every aspect, no offense to any PAI or UT, MT fans out there.


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