Everything New and Welcome to SurClaro V3 2017

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Everything New and Welcome to SurClaro V3 2017

Post by gbesoain » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:01 pm

Hi All,

(I'm not a good speaker, I'm better coding software, so please bear with me 8O )

The old members have probably noticed some changes here and the new ones... Well, welcome to SurClaro!!!

No matter you are an old time member of SurClaro or a new one, I have to let you know the following... I have been running this website by myself since late 1999, there has been a lot of ups and downs. I have also had invaluable help from fellow flight simmers and friends like jaeger52, Cat1, groundsquirrel, mel wilson, Insured Disaster, Exxman, RD, Skipperdan and many, many, many others to whom I'm forever thankful.

Until a few months ago I have never completely and solely dedicated to maintain SurClaro, mainly due to family obligations (Three lovely daughters) I was forced to work on stable jobs where I could assure the monthly salary and sometimes abandon SurClaro over long periods... not anymore. I'm here now to stay and to maintain, improve and work on SurClaro for good.

I have worked countless hours to upgrade SurClaro as it is now, a lot of improvements has been placed and a lot will came on the future, my plan is to never stop and hear everyone suggestion and be always up to the users satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact me, you chose how... It can be by private message here or via Facebook messenger, I will be always in touch.

This thread will be also open for replies and queries for some time, feel free to post here also.

Thanks and best regards.

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