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Post by jaeger52 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:10 pm

Right out of the box, FSX will install itself to C:/Program Files (x86) / Microsoft Games. THIS IS WRONG

Instead, redirect FSX it to install onto your C: drive folder, especially if you plan on adding on third party programs such as REX Essentials Plus Overdrive. The reason being that the Programs (x86) folder has a protection system associated with it, that can and will cause problems with third party program installations.

Even though you may not have purchased REX Essentials Plus Overdrive, please watch the attached YouTube video By: James Holcomb@REX Game Studios who will explain the reasons why you should not allow FSX to install itself into the x86 folder on your computer.


Ugh! The prospect of trying to reinstall FSX is a daunting one. I have to delete everything associated with FSX and start up from scratch, in the days and weeks ahead. It is not a prospect that I'm looking forward to. But after many, many attempts to get my significantly costly purchase of REX Essentials plus Overdrive to work properly, it's something I've got to do. The reason that I'm hesitating for so long is that I don't really know how to successfully uninstall FSX, so that it will reinstall correctly with minimal problems.

When I eventually get it done, I'll report back here with m findings and difficulties. If you have any advice about how to correctly uninstall FSX, please get back to me. Wow! Right away, I've got major problems in the new year.

My best wishes to all who manage to see this post.


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