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Post by jaeger52 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:13 am

...and this seems the perfect place to make this post. To hell with the rules, right? The God *beep* Rules were meant to be broken and here's my chance to break a couple, three, four of them if I can!

It's been a long, long unpleasant week at work and I am determined to make the most of my time off this weekend by getting as drunk as humanly possible (let my hair down as they say). I got drunk this morning, slept for a few hours and now I'm up and pursuing round two, and I don't really give a *beep* who knows about it. Hiccup! So now that you know my present state of mind, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. And while we're at it, I'll pour up another thing I'm currently taste testing. 3/4 glass of vodka on ice and 1/4 Blue Curacao. Looks very pretty in a glass and tastes very nice IMO.

I recently purchased (hiccup) REX (Real Extreme Environment plus Overdrive and it's done wonders for me. And I (hiccup) highly recommend it to all serious FSX'ers. It's definitely the cat's ass IMO!

I lost two friends this month and that surely has something to do with my present state of mind. And I expect that one other might soon follow. Not excluding myself. However, I've left specific instructions a long time ago that in the event of my own passing, that a family member or friends will post a notice here. I request that you all make the same (hiccup) arrangement.

RD and Mel, can you please send me your email addresses again? I've reformatted my PC and somehow lost your E'MA's

Well hell, it's already fall here in Minnesota and I haven't gone (hiccup) fishing once! That's *beep* up! There's nothing more relaxing than watching a bobber and tossing back a few cans of suds, IMO!

What's next on my list? Well, I have to definitely clip my finger and toe nails this weekend. I'm figuring to get that done tomorrow, because, after all, tomorrow is (hiccup) another day. Right? I'm hoping so, anyway.

I hope and even sometimes pray that you all are okay and prospering nicely. I can't (hiccup) even tell you how much I miss the old hubbub of forum activities here in the Surclaro Forums. I'm not the least bit sorry to say that it was once a great factor and cool ass activity in my life. The SurClaro (hiccup) Forum's was once my Home Page. But no longer. *beep*! It seems like the world is flat once again and I'm sailing toward the inevitable edge.

(hiccup) Stay in touch, please!


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