PIREPS--Pilot Reports

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PIREPS--Pilot Reports

Post by skipperdan » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:38 pm

We had a great discussion last night at our Civil Air Patrol meeting concerning bad weather.

I very good friend who is a Commercial Pilot, sat behind me during the discussion. Here is the response that I received from him concernng my question about Flight Watch (122.0) and PIREPS.

PIREPS are submitted to notify whatever ATC agency (frequency) you are on at the time that some condition(s) are significantly different than planned or previously reported. This agency could be tower, departure/approach control, enroute sector controller for IFR aircraft, or FSS for VFR and low level (below 18K ft) IFR aircraft, etc. That agency then submits it into the "system" for informational / planning purposes (METAR, ATIS,AWAS, Flt Watch, HIWAS, etc).

If the PIREP contains critical info for safety of flight or passenger safety (ice, turbulence, mountain wave, wind shear, ceiling / visibility, etc) it is relayed via voice by the agency that controls that airspace for "a while". I say that because I don't know the time or if there is a time they must continue to do it. I feel, based on the amount of questions the agency asks about WX encountered (How's your ride? Did you encounter icing? When did you break out of the clouds? How far out did you see the field?) that they continue as long as they think they need to or until the "system" has had enough time to push the info the aircraft that need it via updated HIWAS, Flt Watch, ATIS, etc. At that point, the pilot is expected to get the info via those systems, not via controller voice contact.

Airlines add another layer of "supervision" via their dispatchers. Each airline is tied into the Nat'l Wx service and is able to communicate with any / all their aircraft about updated Wx service reports AND of PIREPS by their own aircraft. This is generally through a texting format sent via the aircraft Flt Mgt Computer, but can be via voice on assigned company frequencies.

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You should visit your local Civil Air Patrol Squadron and complete an application for membership.
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