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Post by vincentgoa3105 » Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:16 pm


Thanks to the idea of hibernating... I can now play unlimited flights and also dont have the worry about landing I can do it at ease later!!!

I also fly upto around 9 hours on the demo version of FS passenger, the major concern was fuel, guess what FS comes with the option of auto-refuel using Ctrl + X, done, I can now fly at ease from KSFO to any location!!! ONly problem being that I have limited snacks, but on a night flight to tokyo, passengers are sleeping after dinner and :D let them sleep I reserve my snacks for the day.

I control the serving of snacks and other optins like seat belts etc. So I dont give them anything till the hungry passenger option pops up. I feared that would lead to some points loss, but nah, I got my points. Ofcourse I am not crazy to fily all 9 hours, i increase clock speed to 16x autopilot mode .. and I get my ranks quicker too.

Is this cheating ... well no, I am only using the features provided in FS!!! LOL

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Post by 09El_Boissevain » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:34 am

Its not cheating... its just unreallistic... unless you simulate yourselft "deep sleeping" throughout the journey... so you wake up and walla, there you are at the destination :D LOL

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Post by masterfady55 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:06 am

hi guys

FSP is the best addon in FS history so far...however, there's something i need to tell you to make ur life easier :):)

first set a course yourself, before saving ur course and starting the flight, u need to do something....zoom into your arrival airport and make sure your flight path is headiing straight into the runway...this makes ur life a hundred times easier...make your flight VFR and click then save it and start flying

When u start, set your altidude switch ONLY. take off then make ur auto throttle on to 250 kts. if u wanna go faster just ask for a 250 kts clearance from the ATC. before u set your plane on auto pilot, there is a switch on the dash board that says GPS or NAV. make sure its on GPS and also make sure that your Approach lock is on :)

Right now u are ready to set ur plane on auto pilot, and guess what? when u do that and a turn is coming, just leave the plane and it will turn by itself!! how good is that!! it is realistic and that happens with real pilots as well :):) just leave it on that and the only thing u need to do is the landing and the lowering of altitude :):):):)

Good luck! i promise its not a cheat!

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Post by mel wilson » Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:09 pm


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