Palm virtual is back!!!!!

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Palm virtual is back!!!!!

Post by pilot_alex_14 » Sat Dec 02, 2006 5:17 pm

My partner Alex and I would like to announce that Palm Virtual airlines is officially open and is accepting new pilots.

For the best part of three months, Alex and I have worked hard on getting the website, and the systems that make a virtual airline function, in an operable position. We have made vast improvements to the site, and we have added many features with more ideas in the works.

What is your aim?

Our aim is to create a community that provides a fun and relaxed environment, without all the competition and demands. We want to create an environment where pilots can sign up, chat in the forums, get together and fly. There are no strict guidelines on where to go, we just want people to have a choice. They can fly a scheduled flight from our flight schedule, or just simply fly from one airport to another. We allow pilots to choose when they wish to fly, and the flight hours will be logged.

What planes do you have?

Our fleet consists of:
Dash 8
B737-800F (only VA that had a 737-800f)
We are also pleased to announce that our aircraft are being updated to FSX. We know have the A330-200 and the Boeing 737-800f Ready to play in FSX. The Airbus 319 and 320 will come a bit later.

Where do you operate?

Our main hub is the Cibao intl airport in the Dominican Republic. Most flights depart from Dominican Republic l and land all over the globe. We have a scenery package, available for the pilots to download, of Cibao intl airport, which is very detailed.

What jobs are available?

We are mainly looking for pilots in order for this virtual airline to operate. However we may be soon looking for a public relations director, forum moderators and an engineer. If anybody is interested in filling in one of the staff positions, then please contact me personally at if you would like to become a pilot then please click on the ‘Join’ link on our website.

What features are on your website?

We have a range of features on our website ranging from the most common necessities such as a pirep system. We provide a route schedule, so if pilots want to fly a particular route, just pop over to the schedules page and review the flight times for your chosen route. The map and schedule work well together for choosing your next flight. We have a forum that will not only provide information on the goings on, but will be there for the pilots to relax and have a talk. We also have integrated a gallery into the website where pilots can upload their images and screenshots for the rest of the community to see. Who knows we may have a screenshot competition and other competitions that pilots can participate in. We also run a full customizable Content Management System PHP designed website!

There are many features on the website, and we plan to add more things. If anybody has an idea that they would like to see on the site then by all means contact us and we will see if it is feasible. We also know have Working FSX airplanes.

Any plans for the future?

There are so many plans for the future that I don’t know where to begin. We plan on supporting FSX as well as constantly updating and improving the website. We also plan on continuing operating a cargo section on the airline. We do provide help to the new pilots among us, so we will assist them with getting to grips with handling a Dash-8 Q200 to the larger a330's.
So where can I find you?

You can find the website here This is where the site is located, as well as the forums. If you have any questions you can either contact Alex or myself directly through the contact form on the website or email and We regularly check our email so you can expect a reply within a couple of hours.

We have got this far, all we need now is for pilots to join and start the ball rolling in getting what can potentially be, a good VA. I would also like to thank my Friends at Virtual Aerosvit for lending me webhosting .If you are interested visit them at

Emmanuel Nuñez
CEO of Palm Virtual!

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Post by Brabes » Sat Dec 02, 2006 7:33 pm

The best of luck guys! i can't join at the moment because i have christmas exams to revise for.
Good luck!!

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