Aircraft Trim Problem

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Aircraft Trim Problem

Post by jaeger52 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:27 pm

Another day, another problem. Good to still have a forum to post to :D

I've been experiencing some Pitch Trim problems for quite some time now in almost all aircraft.

FYI: I have all Aircraft Realism Settings maxed out to 100%. Always.

Whilst preparing my aircraft and instruments for takeoff, I generally (but not always) like to set the my initial altitude level which I'll want to climb to on departure---and then dial in the rate of climb necessary to clear terrain features on my climb out---into my autopilot settings. I generally do this whether I am flying ILS or VFR. The autopilot altitude and rater of climb features frees me up to perform other flight critical operations during the takeoff sequence. I almost never use the Headding function of the autopilot system unless I'm experiencing an pilot information overload.

The problem I've been experiencing is when I activate the autopilot on takeoff, the aircraft(s) begin to climb at nearly straight up attitudes which induces a stall condition in no time at all. The first suspect is my Pitch Trim Settings (programmed into my joystick buttons). By frantically punching my Pitch Control buttons to reduce the trim, the condition eventually corrects itself. But this is grossly unacceptable in a real life takeoff situation.

My question is: Is there anyway to RESET the Trim Settings to Zero during the start up procedure? More often than not there is no instrument display that tells me where my trim settings are at, at any given point in time. It seems that it's basically a hit and miss situation. I've got at hand, Microsoft's official FSX Keyboard Commands printed out and which I sometimes rely on, but nowhere in that document can I find a keyboard instruction for zeroing out the Pitch Settings prior to takeoff.

Have any of you experienced this condition? How have you learned to cope with it or solve it?


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