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Flight Unlimited 3

Post by WJV001 » Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:55 pm

Ok, back when Looking Glass was in business, this game rocked. Whooped FS2000, i mean WHOOPED it. It was general aviation, but you could
download airliners for it. You were reastricted to the Seattle area, but it was sattelite scenery. Also , you could add on some cities like portland and San Fran. What I liked about Flight Unlimited 3 was that it had TRAFFIC something that MSFS never had at the time, and it was realistic traffic that talked on ATC. First time I ever saw traffic, I used to taxi under the ative at KSEA at 34R to just watch the planes land. Shift+P enabled you to track every plane wherever it was. I used to hold short on the active runway, and a 777 would fly by, and shake the cessna172 i was in, or whatever little plane I was in. The wind effects were amazing. It was amazing, you could even fly in the mountains and see a big foot creature. It had an editor where you could put any object anywhere. You could put the space needle smack in the middle of
KSEA. And the full autopilot aproaches were EXACTLY right. I landed a CAT-III IFR landing with only the A/p and the plane went RIGHT to the runway and visibility was 1/4 mile. FS9 now cant even do an ILS approach like that. Always end up landing short or somehting weird like that. FS( owns im not knocking it, but at the time, FU3 OWNED. It even had MILITARY traffic!!! Go to mchord airbase you could see fighter jets, cargo planes like the hercules, and the ocasional sighting of the concorde. It even had crash damage, and one time I hit a building withb the right wing of a piper arrow, and it cracked off. If looking Glass stayed in business theyd possible own both X PLane and FS9,X. Trust me, if they built on that sim, WOW. Just wanted to bring up that great si, and yes I still have it and it runs on XP, luckily, and you can still find it on ebay, got mine there. Lets just give this simulator the attention and recognition it deserves. Love it, it owned fs2000. Quick chart.

The year is 1999-2001
FS2000 VS FU3

Can fly nywhere in the world
Clear window technology in aircraft.
Nice scenery.
Great, graphics

Flight Unlimited 3
ATC, fuly wrking IFR clearances aproach, UNICOM frequencys
Traffic, from GA to 777s
Militry traffic
More realistic flight physics than FS2000
Limited to Seattle area
Great tutorials,
Too much more to list

FU3 and looking glass will be remembered, and I still own the game, and yes the CH Yoke USB works wth it. :)

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