Uncommanded Right Yaw Resolved (FYI- Saitek X52 owners)

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Uncommanded Right Yaw Resolved (FYI- Saitek X52 owners)

Post by nmaggie » Sun Sep 18, 2005 12:33 am

Hello All:

Just thought I'd post a follow up to my previous thread (Uncommanded Right Rudder/Antitorque Deflection) for the benefit of other folks who use Saitek X52 sticks/throttles and may encounter a similar problem.

The throttle has a button labelled "i" that is located for convenient left thumb use. There is a rotator/rheostat-type control that surrounds this button (mounted coaxially). If the rheostat is positioned off center (it appears to have a detent that gives you tactile feedback as to where "centered" is), it results in significant impact to rudder control (deflections to the right in my case). It appears to be an alternate control for rudder and/or rudder trim, and it is easy to reposition it by accident and not be aware of it.

I don't have my Saitek manual handy, but I suspect that a description of this control is buried in there somewhere.

This doesn't appear to be a problem for all sim games. I tested my joystick in Ubisoft's IL2 Sturmovik family of games (Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters) and the displaced switch didn't cause any problems there.

So, "lessons learned:"

-Know your system (software/hardware).

-Check your "switchology"- you might have bumped something and don't know it.

-That which does not kill us makes us stronger... :oops:

Thanks to twoturntwo for replying to my original post!

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